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Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance (CERF)


Flavio Toxvaerd

Title of research: Mapping Rumours and Information Diffusion

In this project, I wish to explore the mapping and tracking of rumours and how information is diffused and propagated in populations. In particular, I wish to make use of recent advances in computer science, linguistics and social networks that have allowed researchers to build elaborate and sophisticated surveillance and early warning systems and applied these to the monitoring of infectious diseases, riots and earthquakes. I wish to explore how this type of methodology can be employed to study rumours more generally, with an emphasis on their effects on real and financial markets.

Project Update - April 2020

Project Update - August 2019

Project Update - April 2019

Project Update - August 2018

Project Update - April 2018

Project Update - August 2017

Project Update - April 2017

Project Update - July 2016