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Rasheed Saleuddin

Rasheed Saleuddin is a CERF funded PhD Scholar (2014-2016)

CERF PhD Scholar: Rasheed Saleuddin

PhD Supervisor: Dr. D’Maris Coffman

University of Cambridge, Faculty of History

PhD Title & Abstract:

U.S. Grain Futures Markets of the Interwar Period, 1920-1040

The thesis will document the history of the interwar grain futures markets in the US, addressing the causes, immediate effects and legacy of the two key regulations of the period:  The 1922 Grain Futures Act and the 1936 Commodity Exchange Ac. It is especially concerned with addressing, inter alia, the political economic environment within which the regulations were created and administered, how the regulation did and did not affect the functioning of the markets of the day, how the regulation contributed to the contemporary study of contemporary futures markets, and the long term effects of both the study of and the regulation of these important markets.

Report August 2016

Report March 2016:

Report August 2015:

Report April 2015: