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Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance (CERF)


CERF funds a number of projects, ongoing projects are listed below:

Project Title: Contact tracing, quarantine and financial activity

PI: Edoardo Gallo (Faculty of Economics)

Project Period: August 2021- August 2023

Project Title: The dynamics of corporate financial policies, group decisions, and coalition formation.

PI: Prof. Bart Lambrecht (award holder)

Dr Shiqi Chen (co-investigator)

Project Period: February 2021 - February 2023

Project Title: Board Gender Diversity and IPO Performance

PI: Raghu Rau (CJBS)

Project Period:  February 2021-December 2021

Project Title: Big Data and Empirical Finance

PI: Prof. Oliver Linton (Faculty of Economics)

Project Period: Lent term 2017/2018 - 3/6/2013

Project Title: Director Incentives in the Labour Market, Corporate Governance, and Firm Performance

PI: Bang Dang Nyugen 

Project Period: May 2018 - December 2022

Project TitleSOFIE Conference

PI: Oliver Linton

Project Period: July 2022

Project Title: CJBS Library -

WRDS platform and data

Project Title: Enhancing and Transcending the Self: The Importance of CEO Values for Explaining Fraud

PIJenny Chu

Project Period

Project Title: Roscas and formal credit markets: theory and evidence

PI: Kai Liu

Project Period:

Project Title: How do people perceive the effect of algorithms and automation on returns to stocks and cryptocurrencies?

PIChristopher Rauh

Project Period:

Latest news

PhD advisor and co-author of CERF post-doc Xinyu Hou wins Nobel Prize in Economics

11 October 2022

Philip H Dybvig from Washington University is (joint with Bernanke and Diamond) a recipient of this year’s Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his research on banks and financial crises. Prof. Dybvig is the former PhD advisor of Dr Xinyu Hou who is currently a post-doctoral researcher at the Cambridge Endowment...