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Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance (CERF)


Previous Pre-Docs:

Charlie Woodman, Cambridge Judge Business School, 2020/21

Title of research: Empirical Asset Pricing and Machine Learning

To research the existing literature relating to machine learning in the context of empirical asset pricing and stock price predictability. Specifically, I am interested in the application of computational methods to understand the cross section and time-series of asset returns, and the formation and collapse of so called “bubbles,” which are best described as periods of explosiveness in asset prices. The motivation for this project is to develop a research proposal for admission to the PhD in Finance in October 2021.



Andreas Charisiadis, Cambridge Judge Business School 2021/22

Finance, Climate Change, and Optimal Contracting

This project studies the interplay between corporate organizational structure and financial outcomes, and explores the optimal design of decision-making processes as well as how intra-firm competition interacts with capital budgeting choices. In this context, the question of how different institutional frameworks necessitate different types of compensation schedules to optimally align employee incentives with shareholder value is analyzed.
The project also explores how financial markets and corporate finance are affected by climate change. In particular, I aim to study the role that existing incentive structures play in contributing to climate change as well as evaluate the design of mitigation mechanisms, such as tradable financial assets intended to internalize the external costs of environmentally harmful activities. Within this framework, key considerations surround the structuring and pricing of such financial assets.

Latest news

PhD advisor and co-author of CERF post-doc Xinyu Hou wins Nobel Prize in Economics

11 October 2022

Philip H Dybvig from Washington University is (joint with Bernanke and Diamond) a recipient of this year’s Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his research on banks and financial crises. Prof. Dybvig is the former PhD advisor of Dr Xinyu Hou who is currently a post-doctoral researcher at the Cambridge Endowment...