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CERF and F&A Monday Lunchtime Talks

The weekly lunch meetings run Mondays during term time where CERF Fellows and the Finance and Accounting group in CJBS meet for informal talks and discussions. This initiative, meant to spread information and awareness of ongoing research within the area of finance in the University of Cambridge, has proven to be very popular and a welcome opportunity to discuss various academic questions in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Working lunchtime talks :



Hormoz Ramian ‘Optimal Financial Regulation: The interaction between financial and monetary policies’


Elroy Dimson and David Chambers


Weilong Zhang


Raghu Rau


Raghu Rau : Local boy does good: CEO birthplace bias and corporate social responsibility




Sunwoo Hwang: The Effects of Contingent Employment on Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Matthias Büchner


Andrei Kirilenko




Bell Nareuporn Piyasinchai (CJBS): Why the Returns on ESG Investments are Indirect: Reputational and Spillover Effects



Sohnke Bartram (Warwick Business School)



Raghu Rau (CJBS)



Mehrshad Motahari (CERF Research Associate): Geography, Local Sentiment, and Market Anomalies



Argyris Tsiaras (CERF Research Associate)





Mehrshad Motahari (CERF Research Associate): Artificial Intelligence in Asset Management



Raghu Rau (CJBS) The death of trust in the finance industry




Raghu Rau (CJBS)



Marc Lipson (UVA)




Xinrui (Cindy) Zheng (CJBS)


Working lunches:


8 October 2018


15 October 2018

Hui (Frank) Xu, CERF Research Associate

22 October 2018


29 October 2018

Scott Guernsey, CERF Research Associate: Product Market Competition and Long-Term Firm Value: Evidence from Reverse Engineering Laws


5 November 2018

Takashi Shibata (Visiting Professor)

12 November 2018

Adelphe Ekponon, CERF Research Associate: Macroeconomic Risk, Investor Preferences, and Sovereign Credit Spreads – Theoretical Part

19 November 2018

Walter Jansson, CERF Researcher : Measuring Economic Uncertainty: A Natural Language Processing Approach

26 November 2018




Scott Guernsey (CERF Research Associate) “Stakeholder Orientation and Firm Value”, co-authored with Martijn Cremers (University of Notre Dame) and Simone Sepe (University of Arizona). SSRN link to the paper:





Adelphe Ekponon (CERF Research Associate) “What Drives Corporate Asset Prices: Short- or Long-Run Risk?”, with C. Dorion and A. Jeanneret (HEC Montreal). The paper is at SSRN link:



  1. Monday 7 November 2016, Room W4.04 CJBS, 1pm-2pm, Talk:  Jason Cen and David Chambers: Currency Regimes and Risk Premium
  2. Monday 13 February 2017, Mike Tehranchi, A Black-Scholes inequality: applications and generalisations
  3. Monday 13 March 2017, Elroy Dimson, Charikleia Kaffe and David Chambers, presenting work on US university endowments, US University Endowments over the long-run.
  4. Monday 8 May 2017, Yuan Li, R&D and the value premium
  5. Monday 15 May, 1-2pm, Room W4.03, Murillo Campello, Exporting Uncertainty: The Impact of Brexit on Corporate America
  6. Monday 22 May, 1-2pm, Room W4.03, Vaska Atta-Darkua, Ethical Divesting and Firm Value.
  7. Monday 5 June, 1-2pm, Keynes House, KH107, Jisok Kang, Nominal Share Price Puzzles,
  8. Monday 12 June 1-2pm, Room W4.03, Thies Lindenthal, Time, Memory, and the Salience of the Reference Point. Amsterdam, 1650-1970.

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