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Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance (CERF)


Closing date: 13th February 2020.

The CERF fellowship scheme is open to lecturers and senior lecturers of the University of Cambridge who do research into some aspect of finance.

The CERF Fellowship comprises of up to 12 Fellows from across the University of Cambridge. The current cohort includes Fellows from various faculties including CJBS, StatsLab, Economics and Land Economy. The CERF fellows meet once a term with the CERF director and Centre Manager, where they discuss CERF initiatives; these meetings are chaired by CERF fellows on a rotating basis. CERF fellows are expected to participate in CERF events, including seminars, and contribute short articles for the CERF website. CERF fellows are asked to present their work at various CERF events throughout the year. CERF fellows will be expected to report on their research activities to the board of CERF managers twice a year. Collaboration within the CERF community is encouraged, and fellows are invited to apply for financial support for their research activities. The scheme advertised will run from Easter term 2020 until Lent term 2022.

The CERF fellows commit, when called upon, to support CERF initiatives at relevant conferences and to attend the Cambridge Finance seminars as well as occasionally reviewing grant application to CERF and supporting recruitment of CERF post-doctoral Research Associates.

Further to the general remit of CERF, the selection criteria, in addition to already being employed by the University of Cambridge as Lecturer, Senior Lecturer or equivalent are:

  • excellence in research,
  • proven commitment to future research in some aspect of finance, and
  • a willingness to engage with the activities of CERF and Cambridge Finance.

CERF fellows are appointed for two years and the annual remuneration is up to £8850 per annum. Remuneration is calculated and paid termly, depending on the Fellow’s participation that term. The fellowship is expected to be undertaken in addition to the individual’s existing University role. Fellows who relinquish their position within the University of Cambridge will relinquish the Fellowship. With respect to the scheme’s remit to support junior faculty, Fellows who are promoted to a University post higher than Senior Lecturer will relinquish the Fellowship at the end of their term, and cannot apply for a new tenure.

CERF was founded in 2001 as an independent research centre in the University of Cambridge. The formal objective of CERF is to promote research within the University of Cambridge in all aspects of finance, financial institutions and financial markets, and their relationship with economic behaviour and performance.


Further questions about the positions can be directed to Please fill in the online Application Form.


A CV and completed application form with the names, email, postal addresses and telephone numbers of two referees who may be contacted before the interview should be sent to .  Closing date: 13th February 2020.

After the closing date, all applicants will receive an email notifying them about asking their referees to email references directly to  by 23 February 2020