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Matt Elliott

Matt Elliott

Title of research: 

Networked Markets and Relational Contracts---joint with Ben Golub (Harvard) and Matt Leduc (Paris School of Economics).

We seek to better understand the dynamic structure of networks of business relationships. We empirically investigate the market for freelancers to gather data on the role of relationships between freelancers and their clients and on which freelancers rely more on strong relationships. We find some surprising results but are able to reconcile them with a relational contracting theory of networked markets. This model provides a new mechanism that can account for slow recoveries---the quick destruction and slow accumulation of social capital. An important application of the model is to bank relationships.

Project Update - August 2019

Project Update - April 2019

Project Update - August 2018

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CERF Fellow Dr. Bang Dang Nguyen - paper will be presented at the AFA Annual Meeting 2020 in San Diego

Sep 26, 2019

Political Connections and Firm Value: Evidence from Close Gubernatorial Elections, joint with Q.A. Do (SciencesPo Paris) and Yen-Teik Lee (Curtin University), is accepted and will be presented at the AFA Annual Meeting 2020 in San Diego.

CERF Scholar Shiqi Chen presented her paper at Leeds University Business School

Jun 28, 2019

Shiqi Chen presented her paper entitled “Financial Policies and Internal Governance with Heterogeneous Risk Preferences” (joint with Bart Lambrecht) in the Accounting and Finance seminar at Leeds University Business School, the Finance seminar at Essex Business School, CERF Lunch Seminar at Cambridge Judge Business School, and at the 2019 Annual Real Options Conference in London.

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