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Financial contagion in dynamic networks

The ability of individuals and institutions to lend funds to each other to pursue investment opportunities is crucial for the efficiency of the financial system, but, at the same time, it augments its fragility by increasing everyone’s exposure to an isolated shock. The aim of this project is to investigate this trade-off in an experiment. A particular focus is on how changing (i) the tightness of the lending environment, (ii) the attractiveness of investment opportunities and (iii) the size of shocks hitting the system affect the structure of the emerging financial network and its consequent robustness to systemic risk.

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CERF Scholar Shiqi Chen presented her paper at Leeds University Business School

Jun 28, 2019

Shiqi Chen presented her paper entitled “Financial Policies and Internal Governance with Heterogeneous Risk Preferences” (joint with Bart Lambrecht) in the Accounting and Finance seminar at Leeds University Business School, the Finance seminar at Essex Business School, CERF Lunch Seminar at Cambridge Judge Business School, and at the 2019 Annual Real Options Conference in London.

Winners of the Best Student Paper Award 2019 were announced

Jun 17, 2019

At the end of term staff-student lunch at the Cambridge Judge Business School on 14 June

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